Where is engine oil seal located in Foton Sauvana

I just had a need to figure out where the Foton Savannah engine oil seal is in the car. Finally I found it, thanks to the video, it is clearly visible where the Foton Savannah engine oil seal is located.

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Hello Sergey. Please tell me what is the interval for replacing the timing belt Volvo s80 2.0t 5 tselindrov automatic transmission 2000. I went mostly around the city without loads
The generator housing started to get very warm and makes a little noise at low speeds. Charging dropped a little to12.5 and there were 14.5 brushes each with a length of 5mm. The case is heated like an iron. I took it off and disassembled it. Visually, everything is OK, except for the rear bearing. A little noisy. Maybe because of him. Or a break in the stator, or the rotor?
Shahkyan Ibn
how about replacing the oil seal, did you not waste your time in vain?
Have the talking felt-tip pen run out of themes? The material is completely sucked out of the finger. No pumps are a hindrance to the belt, by the way, the same timing belt turns the pump on your eco-library!!!
Smogin Mayko
Hurray! New vidos! Guys are the best garage bloggers of rutuba)
It seems to me that the version with the geographical reference of the spit name is incorrect. When the spit of Lithuania appeared, it was not yet about 200 years old, instead of the usual Baltic republics, there were Swedish provinces.Livonia and Estonia, and also, I think, Courland. And the name Lithuania began to be remembered only in the 2nd half of the XIX century. But it is mentioned that at the time of the beginning of the production of this braid in the Russian Empire there was no stamping machine, so the braids were cast and already blacksmiths docked them as weapons, that is, if we speak Russian, then the braids were made by casting, hence the "litovka". And this name is associated with Peter I, and he died 150 years before the appearance of Lithuania. And to work? of course
Pavlichek Grabko
You can also do without a compressor (for those who do not have one), before the expansion of any valve, you put the piston in the TDC and in front of the valve will not go anywhere)
As there are no problems, he's all cheerrnyy panimaesh engine in the trash.
Sedihin Dzhim
the other day I posted a video, look, there's a little simpler device to fasten
Rent an apartment for fuck's sake and live on the bus!!
Shahurin Aktanysh
I decided to brew an argon heat exchanger so as not to think about this problem anymore when there is oil in the barrel.
After how long do I need to change the belt to 2uz fe 288 hp??
Uort Brutman
Can you tell me if it is possible to untie the Volga from it? Increase the power by removing restrictions in the brain?
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