Where is oil dipstick located in Honda Stepwgn

A friend needed to find out where the Honda Stepwagon oil dipstick is in the car. I immediately found it, the video shows very clearly where the Honda Stepwagon oil dipstick is located.

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, I have such a problem, yesterday I put a contract box on my Honda. I drove from a hundred to the house everything was fine. In the morning I went to work and at lunch the car lost traction. I arrived at the service station, found that the oil had leaked from the drain, and the oil was topped up. But after topping up, I started having bumps when switching to R and D. Tell me what could be the reason?. And I also noticed that there are strikes when, for example, when switching on, say R on the R panel does not light up, and when it lights up, there are no strikes.
Thank you, it helped)
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